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Emotional advice forum category advice forum category Help On A Depression High Again!!!
CREATED: May 21 2017 at 22:28 by Purple blossom

I have kids I have friends I have family I have a boyfriend. But yet would anyone miss me if I was gone. My kids are young, could easily forget about me. I love them to bits. They are my world. I'm theirs, but if I'm gone I can be easily replaced My friends are their when I need them.but are they really there for me. The way they talk about each other behind each backs, I don't feel they would miss me. My family. They are in the USA. My parents are here. I don't see it speak to them much. So would they miss me My boyfriend. Best thing that has happened to me. I'm so Happy whe...

Emotional advice forum category advice forum category Relationship And Family Stress
CREATED: May 21 2017 at 09:54 by Rituga

Hi.thank you for providing such a support to share my problems. I would like to start from my childhood what i have suffered.i have lost my father at age of one year. I have been bought up by mother alone. Have no sibbling s. Always used to feel alone. I was not good at my academics ...No one used to do be so close with me. Just they used to make their work done with me. Even in relative s no one were close to share how lonely i felt. My mom used to shout at me and scare me always.though she used to provide me what all i require she never used to pamper me or show that love and affection and ...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum category In-laws
CREATED: May 18 2017 at 00:38 by RaRa124

So my OH and I have been together 3 years. Start of our relationship my MIL had little to do with us. My OH had demons of his own which we worked through with the help of my family. My MIL had no involvement whatsoever. We had my LO last year and then moved to the same area as my MIL. I have suffered with PND which was made worse by alcohol which I've since cut back on. However, my MIL is now aware of all the problems we've had and has said some pretty nasty things about me. His sisters are both judgemental too. They all pretend to understand but in reality they've asked OH to lea...

Emotional advice forum category advice forum category Problems With My Neighbours
CREATED: May 20 2017 at 12:41 by tyco LAST POST: May 20 2017 at 12:45

I live with my mother, grandma and my stephdad in a small house. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I am 17 and almost 18, but I have been traumatized because of my neighbours. It is going on almost my whole life and I just never really talked about it besides my own family or friends. I never even talked detailed about it, so that's why I started searching on the internet for a website to clear my mind. My neighbours don't like us. We don't know why. Maybe it's because they wanted to live here, but we were here first. They treathen us by telling our time will come, they call the police for bad "s...

Emotional advice forum category advice forum category Need Love And Hugs
CREATED: May 20 2017 at 03:35 by inner peace LAST POST: May 20 2017 at 07:05

I suffered from a traumatic experience that affected my psychological and physical wellbeing. I am feeling very scared and suffering from so much emotional pain and self-blame. Now all i need is love and hugs but don't have anyone. I feel that i am dying. In our culture it is not allowed to have a boyfriend ...

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