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Emotional advice forum category advice forum categoryDepressed Because Of My Best Friend.
CREATED: Jul 17 2018 at 21:35 by hhk8798

So at the end of dec 2017, I stopped talking to my best friend because she used to complain alot, she was sullen and very rude to me. She doesn't give a chance to other people to explain themselves and never accepts her mistakes. So I thought my silent treatment is going to work. But sadly it didn't. I am a very sensitive person. So in mid january 2018, I realised that what i was doing was wrong because she used to call alot and asked me that i was i behaving in this way. The day I realized that I was doing wrong and that I should talk to her she sat with other class fellows and left with them...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryPregnant And My Bf Has Ended Our Relationship
CREATED: Jul 16 2018 at 18:29 by Tlet88

Hi, I am not sure who to reach out to or who can help me with this. I am 2 months pregnant and have had a few misscarriages. My boyfriend and I do not know how to communicate with each other without getting into a full blown fight in which it ends up with him breaking up with me and telling me how awful I am and how his family and friends don’t know how he has put up with me and tell him to leave. He has ended things again a few days ago as I had bleeding and cramping on Wednesday and asked if he could take me to the doctor after work. He informed me I could go myself and he was sorry to hea...