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Emotional advice forum category advice forum categoryI Can’t Let Her Go, Even Though I Know It’s For The Best
CREATED: Mar 19 2018 at 07:39 by Tigers44

Well the title gives you a brief overview of my situation... I want to put my situation out for the world to see it and let the anonymity of the internet protect me. I figure sharing it with others is the first step in healing this wound. For the sake of everyone staying nameless, let’s call her A (first letter in her name). So I first starting talking to A when I was a freshman in high school. We got in touch through some mutual friends. We went to different high school and had never met. We spoke all the time and ended up getting to know each other prettt well. Neither of us could ...

Online Dating advice forum category advice forum categoryGoodbye Dating
CREATED: Mar 18 2018 at 18:40 by borolad1979

What I am saying is not about advice, it's just the following: The reason why i am apprehensive about going on dating sites is because i cannot strike a conversation whatsoever. I am 39 yr old male from the UK. I know that i have been on Tinder and POF but to be honest i can't do it. It's something that has really affected and bothered me for so long now, i know that i will be single for a long time. I know it sounds bad but that's what happens when been out of the dating scene for nearly 9 years. Also, it is really worse when i have been on nights out being in a relaxed position with no wor...